Welcome to the MSERA Proposal Submission Process

Here are a few points to help you in the submission process:


  1. Be sure you have all the co-authors' names and affiliations ready to add to the proposal.
  2. Type in the name and affiliation of the first co-author.
  3. Click on the Add Co-Author button
  4. To add another Co-Author, replace the text and click on Add Co-Author button again.
  5. You may do this to add as many Co-Authors as you need.

    Once the proposal has been submitted, no additional Co-Authors can be added!


Submit for Review:

  1. Once you click on the Submit for Review button, a page is displayed that contains the main information you have submitted.
  2. Print this page for your records in case the automatic email reply does not reach you.

Sorry: Submissions deadline has passed for 2013.