MSERA Future Site Selection Information


     MSERA's system for selecting a host city for the Annual Meeting requires the Future Site Selection Committee to review proposals submitted and recommend to the Board of Directors host cities for the 2009 and 2010 meetings. Even-numbered years are Board choice years, and proposals from any city in the six-state region can be considered for 2010.  The rotation for state years and open site years is posted at the bottom of this page. If no acceptable proposals are submitted from Louisiana, then proposals from any city in the six-state MSERA region can be considered for 2009.

The Future Site Selection Committee will present its recommendations for meeting sites to the Board of Directors at the 2007 fall board meeting.

Want to Submit a Proposal?

MSERA's Annual Meeting usually takes place during the second week in November, with 350-450 members attending. Proposals from the host city should include the following information:

Proposals must be submitted to the Future Site Selection Committee by August 1, 2007.
(Note: Proposals may be accepted after this date; contact committee co-chair.)

Want More Information, or Need to Talk with the Committee Chair?

Contact:  Patrick Kariuki (pnkariuki @  or   Susan Santoli (ssantoli @ 
Milligan College                                                               University of South Alabama
P. O. Box 309                                                                 UCOM 3107
Milligan College, TN  37682-0309                                   Mobile, AL  36688-0002
(423) 461-8744 (office)                                                   (251) 380-2836 (office)
(423) 461-8744 (fax)                                                       (251) 380-2758 (fax)

Additional notes: Typical requirements for an MSERA meeting:

Future site selection schedule

As a result of board vote (April, 2007), open year site proposals may come from any state (even those not in the MSERA six-state region).

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